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OffGridMe is a non-profit based in Geneva (Switzerland) working on raising awareness about Problematic Internet Use and promoting accommodation places all over the World that offer a digital detox experience.


We offer 2 membership options, one for accommodation place owners and one for anybody who would like to support our initiative.

Owners of places who would like to join our website, be OffGridme certified and become “digital detox oasis” can answer our questionnaire to let us know why their place would be good to offer a “digital detox”experience. If the place matches the OffGridMe requirements, we ask the owners to become members of our association before adding their property to our website.

offgridme-2 will list accommodation places all over the World that offer the possibility to enjoy some moments of digital detox.
Accommodation owners must comply with a list of criteria to be admitted to the site.
The main parameter is to offer the possibility to the clients to enjoy some time away from their phone in a relaxing and safe environment.

The places are evaluated and chosen according to 5 parameters:

  • Make it easy to disconnect, disable Wi-Fi completely, provide guests with non-digital entertainment (books, newspapers, board games, crosswords …)
  • Sleep well because the quality of sleeping is the first victim of hyper connectivity. In order to enjoy a digital detox experience sleeping well is the key.
  • Good bedding, choose the pillow that suits you better, calm and all that we need to improve our sleep.
  • Good food with local organic food and products available for you to enjoy.
  • An environmentally responsible attitude towards water, electricity and waste.
  • Activities to help guests enjoy some time in the nature or enjoying simple tasks.


Digital Detox

Make it easy to disconnect, disable Wi-Fi completely, provide guests with non-digital entertainment (books, newspapers, board games, crosswords …)

Sleep on a comfortable bed. We make sure that both the mattress and the bedding are of top-notch quality. You will also have the option to choose the sheets and pillows that suit you better.

Rediscover the beauty of silence. Our selected accommodation places are quite and are far from big sources of noise such as highways and factories.

Rooms usually have large windows to allow plenty of light to reach the room and shutters so that you will experience a completely dark room at night.

Environmental features

In your room you will find a welcome box with a selection of organic and local products.
Most of of our accommodation places are family owned and most of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from the local garden.

For us every drop of water counts. We use water reduction tools to optimize water consumption. We try to harvest raining waters and filter the grey waters. Toilets use collected raining water.

Electricity from our solar panels and small wind mill is stored in batteries. Our goal is to have accommodation places 100% off-the-grid. Our places also have energy efficient appliances and lighting.

When it comes to waste, we work to recycle, repurpose, and reuse all that we can. We also like to see less plastic object around us. Most of the furniture used is made with natural materials

Being an Offgridme member means getting access to a growing community of traveler looking for solutions to enjoy a period of digital detox
 and contributing to finding solutions to the problem of Problematic Internet Use

OffGridme in the near future is planning to send the different owners an offGridme box with: a camera old Stile, hourglass, carts, compass, postcard, maps, block-notes.